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The new EP by Hozier, titled “Unheard,” has been released and is here for you to enjoy!

Hozier feels particularly dark in “Too Sweet,” one of the four new releases featured on his new EP “Unheard.” The musician premiered the song for the first time on TikTok with a quick sketch of a skeleton drinking coffee and smoking with a chain, streaming it through his headphones. Excerpts of “Too Sweet” have been used in over 38,500 posts on the app this month alone.

“It’s my pleasure to share more work from the ‘Unreal Unearth’ album sessions,” Hozier stated in a statement regarding the new batch of songs. “These are songs that could have found their way onto the records of greed, emptiness, violence, and external ‘ascendance,’ respectively, but couldn’t for different reasons. I’m very happy to share them with you now. I hope you enjoy these new songs and I look forward to seeing you soon at an upcoming show!”

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“Unheard” includes three other tracks in the spirit of “Unreal Unearth,” which was released last August as the musician’s third studio album. Among them are “Empire Now,” “Fare Well,” and “Wildflower and Barley,” a collaboration with American musician Allison Russell.

“It’s always a pleasure to sing with Hozier – I’ve been fortunate to do it live on stage many times since we first met singing with the Queen Mavis at Newport Folk Fest in 2019,” Russell said. Hozier has previously performed with the singer as a backing vocalist during sessions for her 2023 album “The Returner.” She will be joining him on tour from April to June.

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