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Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, has finally released “Atavista,” his new studio album featuring 11 tracks, including a collaboration with Ariana Grande titled “Time.” “Finally” because the initial version of “Atavista” was already released in 2020 under the title “3.15.20,” essentially serving as the foundation for an album that was never completed, likely delayed due to the pandemic.

Scanning through the tracklist of “3.15.20,” it’s noticeable that almost all the songs don’t have proper titles but are instead identified by numbers and timestamps. “Atavista” is thus both the conclusion of the work done for “3.15.20” and a prelude to Childish Gambino’s truly new album, which, as Glover himself has noted, will be released this summer.

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In the social media post where the artist announces the album’s release, there’s another teaser: a vinyl edition of “Atavista” will be coming soon, featuring visuals dedicated to each track. Included in the album is a track not present in “3.15.20”: “Little Foot Big Foot,” featuring Young Nudy, which seems to embrace the same country imagery popularized by Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter.”

In the single’s black-and-white music video directed by Hiro Murai (a long-time collaborator of Glover), a trio of mischievous dancers enters a saloon hoping to make some money. The evening takes an unexpected turn when the notes of “Little Foot Big Foot” ignite the dance floor.

The video, which you can find above, features Quinta Brunson, Monyett Crump, Rob Bynes, among others.

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